Sometimes just one cat is not enough. Having a multitude of felines can make life rich and fun, but above all else, interesting. While you can’t keep your eyes on all of them at all times, you’ve learned who usually likes to play with the scratch post more than the rest. Life at home, while you’re not there, can be one of the biggest mysteries. To come home and find the trash has been mangled or the toilet paper roll undid leaves you wondering, who did this? If you have multiple cats living in your home, you will most likely relate to these 5 problems.


There is that one piece of furniture you’ve given up on saving



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You’ll never know who left the surprise pile of puke

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Cat Hair is the bane of your existence


The price of love . . #cat #cathair #cathairdontcare

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You will lose sleep

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Despite it all, you’ll continue to gush about your cats

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