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About Pine Animal Hospital

Your neighborhood Long Beach pet hospital


We Don’t Leave You
In the Dark

At Pine Animal Hospital we understand that it is frustrating to be left out of decisions concerning your animal’s treatment — or worse, not even know what decisions are being made. That’s why we make sure you understand what we are doing and why we are doing it. After all, it is your pet that we are treating, and we view our role as your partner in achieving your animal’s optimal health.


We Listen
to Your Values

Everyone has their opinions and values when it comes to the right way to approach their pet’s health. We respect that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to medicine. Our job is to tell you what is possible, and your job is to decide what is right for you and your pet. We explain the possible outcomes of various options and let you know when we believe a particular choice is better than another, but never push you to do something that makes you uncomfortable.


Educating You to Make
an Informed Choice

We want you to have enough of an understanding of your animal’s condition and the applicable risks and pros/cons to make the decision that best meets your values and desires. That’s why we do our best to explain complicated medical concepts and protocols in a way you can easily understand. Dr. Steve is well known for his frequent spontaneous diagram drawings! When at home follow up care for your animal is required, we make sure to take the time to explain and demonstrate the process to you, whether it’s applying eye ointment or ear cleaner, giving oral medications, or administering fluids under the skin.


Tools for Transparency

Our state of the art technology and software allow us to share information with you in more clear and effective ways. We don’t just tell you that your dog or cat has gingivitis or an ear infection – we show you a magnified image of their teeth or ear on a screen with our wireless otoscope. All diagnostic tests run and reports prepared at our hospital – including x-ray and ultrasound images – are available for you to retrieve online through our website any time. You get a login which allows you to access all of your pet’s records whenever you want.