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Fall officially arrives September 22 this year and although we usually don’t get the cooler weather until late October, it is never too early to get yourself and your pets ready for the new season. Fall can be a harsh transition from warm weather to cool, crisp air, not to mention the other hazards involved with the cold weather, household poisons, and Halloween dangers.

Here are some tips to help keep your pets safe and healthy this autumn season:


Fall in Southern California is a funny thing. Typically, we experience Indian Summers where it can still be warm well into October. In these cases, it’s important to keep up with warm weather precautions. If you need some tips you can read a couple of our blogs about this

Once the warm weather has passed, the cold sets in, especially in the evenings. Even though it’s cooler, it is still important your pets have enough water to stay hydrated.

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Pets begin shedding their summer coats in fall, making room for their winter coats. Regular brushing is important to keep your pet’s hair from matting. Also, remember to make sure your furry companion is completely dry after bathing to keep him from getting cold. Proper grooming can help your pet avoid hot spots and other skin irritations.

Be cautious of cold weather poisons

The use of rat poisons increase in the fall due to rodents seeking shelter from the colder weather. These poisons are extremely toxic and can result in death if a pet ingests it. If you must use these products, use extreme caution.

Also, the Fall and Spring seasons bring wild mushrooms. While most of them are not toxic, some can cause life-threatening issues in pets. The best way to prevent your pet from ingesting these mushrooms is to keep them away from areas in which they grow.


Most importantly, enjoy this beautiful season with your pets! Now that the weather is cooling off, make your dog happy and take him for longer and more frequent walks.