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Summer Treats Your Dog Will Love

It is hard to believe that Summer 2017 is upon us. As the weather begins to warm up, strawberries ripen, and tans darken, we get a certain Summer buzz. Those of us who love our furry companions as if they were our own want to share this experience with them. Luckily,... read more

5 Weird Cat Habits And Their Reasons

The more time you spend with your cat, the more you’ll probably start to notice—she’s got some weird habits, doesn’t she? We decided to look at 5 of the most common odd cat behaviors and get to the root of why they do them. Kneading From time to time you may catch... read more

How to Bond with a Senior Cat

If you figured that you’ve done enough bonding with your senior cat over her lifetime that your relationship is pretty set now that she’s older, you might want to think again. Older cats have different needs than younger ones do, and as such, it might take a little... read more