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5 Exercise Tips for Arthritic Pets

The Cure for Achy Joints Just because your pet has arthritis doesn’t mean they are necessarily incapable of exercising. Staying active actually helps many arthritic pets that suffer from achy bones and joints. It is, however, vital you follow these five exercise... read more

How to Tell If Dogs Are Feline Friendly

“Dogs and cats, living together…mass hysteria!” (Dr. Peter Venkman, Ghostbusters, 1984). This quote always comes to mind when I see pictures of dogs and cats happily co-existing, snuggled up together, grooming each other, and living a life of peace and harmony.... read more

11 Terrible Dog Haircuts That Will Make You Laugh

Much like humans, when summer comes around, dogs get some relief from the heat by getting a little trim. But these cute pups may have gone a little overboard and if their haircut doesn’t say it all, their faces sure do. While giving your dog a trim is great,... read more