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PAH is a full service pet hospital

Pine Animal Hospital is a state-of-the-art, full-service animal hospital located in downtown Long Beach. Our well-equipped facility offers a full range of medical, surgical, dental, and rehabilitative services – as well as alternative therapies – for both cats and dogs. Ask us about our Lifetime Wellness Care Program, which incorporates many of the essential services we provide at reduced prices.

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Mindful Medicine, Sensible Solutions


Just like people, pets are susceptible to serious medical conditions that we should strive to prevent.

At Pine Animal Hospital, we pride ourselves on our preventive medical approach. We are strongly committed to maintaining the health of your pet through annual exams, vaccines, parasite preventatives, and high-quality nutritional diets. One of our leading principles – Do No Harm – means that when our staff makes recommendations on vaccines and preventatives to protect your pet, we are mindful to do everything we can to minimize any potential negative side effects.

At our downtown Long Beach location, we also offer a unique variety of diet options including general maintenance, prescription, and raw alternative diets. We discuss your pet’s particular nutritional needs with you and create a personalized nutritional plan. When a good preventative approach is taken, the risk of painful, costly problems down the line is minimized. Learn about our Lifetime Wellness Care Program, which provides an affordable way to promote a long, healthy life for your pet.


The first step in assessing the health of your pet is a proper history and examination taken by our staff.

However, because animals can’t tell us exactly what hurts or how they feel, diagnostic tests are often required to provide more detailed information about the nature of your pet’s condition. Our animal clinic offers the newest and most advanced diagnostic technology, including digital x-ray, portable ultrasound, in-house blood analysis, and digital microscope and otoscope.

Most of our diagnostic procedures are performed in-house, which means better value for you. It also means we often get immediate answers, so you don’t have to wait several days for your pet’s treatment to begin. Less suffering for your pet and less cost to you. We also have software that allows our clients to see the results of the tests performed and reports made on their pets at any time simply by logging in through our website. Actual x-ray and ultrasound images of your pet, along with our assessment, are right at your fingertips. We believe that providing the best experience and value for our clients comes from having technology that matters.


Sometimes things go wrong and our pets get sick or injured.

We understand how stressful it is to have a pet that requires hospitalization, and seek to provide you the comfort and peace of mind that you are leaving your beloved pet in caring and capable hands. Our pet clinic’s highly trained staff has the knowledge, skill and experience to care for and treat critically ill animals. Our monitoring equipment allows us to continuously track your pet’s vital signs, and respond quickly and appropriately to any problems that may arise. Expect to receive regular status updates, and to be consulted before any major decisions regarding your pet’s treatment are made. You are also welcome to visit your pet during its stay. You can be certain that we do all we can to keep your pet comfortable while it is with us, and are dedicated to getting it better and home to you as soon as possible.


The decision to euthanize a pet is an emotional and difficult one.

When we see that our pet’s quality of life is lacking and there are no sensible treatment options available, we may consider humane euthanasia as an end-of-life option. Even when euthanasia is clearly the best choice to relieve your pet’s pain and suffering, it is still heartbreaking. We are here to advise and support you through the decision and process. Owners are welcome to be with their animals during the procedure if they wish. We give you the option to have the procedure done in a quiet, comfortable room in our downtown Long Beach animal hospital, or to have one of our veterinarians come to your home. We utilize a crematory service that gives you the option of having your pet’s ashes returned to you in an urn. Even when our pets are gone, their memories continue to live on in our hearts.


Promoting Oral Health


Dental disease is a common and serious problem for our pets.

More than 80% of dogs and cats over 4 years of age are suffering from moderate or severe dental disease. Any of the following is a sign that your cat or dog may have dental disease:

  • Bad breath
  • Yellow or brown stained teeth
  • Red, swollen or bleeding gums
  • Loose or missing teeth
  • Difficulty eating

Dental disease causes serious problems for the mouth, such as tooth loss and oral infections. Bacteria from dental disease is now known to also get into the bloodstream and cause life-threatening infections of the heart, liver and kidneys of dogs and cats. All of these problems are readily preventable with high-quality dental care.

Just like humans, regular annual cleaning of your dog or cat’s teeth by our veterinary team is essential to maintaining optimum dental health. Regular cleanings prevent tarter and plaque buildup that can cause bad breath, gum disease and infections. Our animal hospital implements the latest techniques to scale and clean your pet’s teeth and ensure long term oral health.


What we can see when we look inside an animal’s mouth is only a fraction of what is really going on with its teeth.

Dental x-rays are an important part of evaluating dental issues because they allow us to pick up problems and diseases not visible to the naked eye or occurring under the gum line. We recommend whole mouth dental x-rays with all annual dental procedures. Our state-of-the art digital dental x-ray machine takes x-rays of each tooth within seconds. This means that our doctors are able to view the x-rays, make diagnoses, and undertake the proper treatment quickly and accurately. As with humans, catching and treating dental problems in animals early on is the best way to reduce greater problems (which would mean more pain to your animal and cost to you) down the line.


In addition to teeth cleaning and scaling, our Long Beach pet clinic offers advanced veterinary dental procedures, including tooth extractions, root canals, and treatment of periodontal disease.

If our examination and/or x-rays reveal that your pet has a problem requiring an advanced dental procedure, you will be consulted immediately. We will explain the issue to you in detail, address any questions or concerns you may have, and create a plan to best fulfill your pet’s needs.

Our advanced training and modern technology ensure that any animal undergoing dental surgery with us has the safest, most comfortable experience available. Prior to any dental surgery, your pet’s ability to safely undergo surgery is assessed. We closely monitor your pet from the initiation of sedation through full recovery from anesthesia. While most other veterinarians use a scalpel, our electrosurgery machine allows us to make minimal incisions in the gum line, which allows us to perform complicated procedures that are practically bloodless. Our high-speed drill allows us to perform procedures such as tooth removals quickly, and with minimal damage to surrounding normal parts of the mouth. We also use our cutting-edge therapeutic cold laser after all dental surgeries. This incredible new technology significantly minimizes inflammation and reduces the risk of infection, thereby diminishing the need for post-operative antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications.


You probably brush (and maybe even floss) your teeth daily, and yet you still have to see your dentist regularly for cleanings and x-rays, and sometimes to address painful problems.

Believe it or not, our pets’ teeth are not much different than ours. Although it can be difficult to find the time to brush your pet’s teeth (or to get your pet to comply), regular at home brushing helps your pet live a longer, healthier life and reduces the risk of serious periodontal disease requiring surgery.

You should never use human toothpaste to brush your dog or cat’s teeth because, if swallowed, it can be severely toxic to them. We carry a full line of dental care home products that include toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental sprays, dental treats and toys, and water additives. We will create a custom at-home dental kit for you depending on your pet’s history of dental issues and the amount of time you can commit. We will also take the time to explain how to use the products we recommend, and demonstrate helpful techniques.


Safe, Effective Equipment & Techniques


Don’t let anyone persuade you that spaying and neutering are simple, routine procedures.

Spaying an animal is a full abdominal surgery with potentially life-threatening consequences when not performed safely and correctly. As with all of our surgical procedures, we use great care to ensure safety and minimize discomfort. We employ a state-of-the-art electrosurgery machine in all spays and neuters, which decreases pain and scarring, and reduces recovery time. We include spaying and neutering procedures as part of our Optimum and Breed-Specific Wellness plans, which offer a fantastic value for all the crucial treatments and procedures your pet requires.

Spaying your animal doesn’t only protect from unwanted pregnancies – it also greatly reduces your pet’s risk of getting mammary cancer, and protects from uterine infections. Neutering reduces the risk of problems relating to the prostate gland. The timing of these procedures are very important because your pet’s reproductive hormones play an important role in the growth and development of your pet. Please make an appointment to discuss the most appropriate time to spay or neuter your dog or cat.


We offer a wide range of surgical procedures, which we proudly perform with great technical skill and care.

Practicing under the principle of Do No Harm, we take the safest possible approach to any surgical procedure. Our state-of-the-art anesthesia and surgical equipment allow us to perform surgeries more safely and in less time. Most of our surgeries are performed with our electrosurgery machine, allowing for virtually bloodless surgery and smaller incisions. That means your pet recovers faster and has minimal scarring and damage to the normal tissues. We also use our cutting edge therapeutic cold laser after all surgical procedures. This incredible new technology significantly minimizes inflammation and reduces the risk of infection, thereby diminishing the need for post-operative antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medications.

Making the decision to put your animal through surgery is never easy. We make sure our clients fully understand the benefits of a particular procedure, the associated risks, and what the other options are. We also thoroughly explain what you can expect during your pet’s recovery, and any required post-operative care and follow up. Our goal is to make the experience as comfortable as possible for both you and your pet.


Accidents and sudden or late-stage illnesses can give rise to conditions requiring surgical care to save an animal’s life.

Unusual lack of energy, loss of appetite, abnormal behavior, bleeding, vomiting and pale gums are all signs that your pet may need urgent medical attention, and in some cases, surgery. Our veterinary staff are skilled in diagnosing problems that may require emergency surgery. Our animal clinic offers the newest and most advanced diagnostic technology, including digital x-ray, portable ultrasound, in-house blood analysis, and digital microscope and otoscope.

If it is determined that emergency surgery should be performed to save your animal’s life, we are ready to act at a moment’s notice. Anesthetic protocols are quickly and specifically tailored to your pet’s needs, and your pet’s vital signs are closely monitored by our staff before, during, and after the surgical procedure. You will be continuously updated about your pet’s progress. After surgery, you will receive detailed instructions for caring for your pet during its recovery. We understand that an unexpected, urgent surgery for a pet is extremely stressful, and seeing our clients’ overjoyed faces when we return their animal to them following an emergency surgery is the most gratifying part of our job.


A Modern Integrative Approach


Therapeutic or “cold” laser therapy is an advanced treatment for inflammatory or painful conditions in animals and humans.

A vast amount of research has proven its effectiveness, and it has demonstrated to be non-toxic and produce little or no side effects. Common conditions that can greatly benefit from cold laser therapy include arthritis, infected wounds and incisions, ear and skin problems, gingivitis, and bone, joint and muscle injuries. We use our cold laser after every surgical procedure, minimizing post-operative inflammation and the risk of infection. This also allows us to minimize the need for post-operative antibiotics and anti-inflammatories, thereby lessening any risk of side effects that are common with these medications.

Time and time again, we have seen first-hand the remarkable benefits offered by cold laser in a wide variety of situations. It completely healed an infected wound in a cat that was not responding to medications. It significantly reduced the healing time for a puppy’s traumatic shoulder injury, and eliminated the need for pain medication. It cured a dog’s chronic ear infection, which for years did not respond to any other treatment. We are thrilled to be able to offer this exciting new therapy to our clients. Learn more about our therapeutic cold laser by watching this informative video.


High quality nutrition is an essential part of ensuring the health and longevity of dogs and cats.

Proper animal nutrition is an area that Dr. Steve is especially passionate about because he has seen its benefits with his own dogs. His Beagle Mia suffered from chronic skin and ear infections, as well as recurring intestinal problems, until he put her on a raw diet plan. Without any medications (which can have many potential side effects) all of Mia’s issues have completely resolved.

Our Long Beach animal hospital offers a unique variety of diet options, including general maintenance, prescription, and raw alternative diets. We discuss your pet’s particular needs with you and create a personalized nutritional plan based on the specific nutritional needs of your pet, taking into account its health condition, weight, age and level of activity. All of our alternative diets are made in the USA, use high-quality meat, are tested rigorously for bacterial contamination prior to selling, and have no history of being recalled for any reason. Through our online pharmacy, you can order virtually any prescription diet carried by the major food corporations. We are also proud to offer hard-to-find alternative diets produced by smaller companies. Let us put together a customized diet plan for your dog or cat and see for yourself what a difference it makes.


At Pine Animal Hospital we take an integrative approach to the health of your pet.

This means we incorporate alternative methods of healing your pet and maintaining their well-being. Our guiding principal of Do No Harm means that when we consider products or procedures to prevent and treat illnesses, we always take into account the risk of side effects. If a particular treatment is determined to be necessary despite possible harmful side effects, we evaluate ways to minimize them.

We constantly review the latest research to find clinically-proven supplements and herbal remedies that can prevent or treat illness. We offer herbal treatments instead of, or in conjunction with, traditional medications to treat various conditions where reliable research and our experience have demonstrated a real benefit. If medications that carry harmful potential side effects can be limited or eliminated, to us, that is an avenue worth exploring.


Your pet’s speedy restoration of normal form and function after a surgery or illness is important to us, and we are there to assist you in the recovery process.

With state-of-the-art therapies and techniques, we relieve pain, restore function, and promote health and wellness in your dog or cat. Our team is trained in post-surgical pain management and recovery, and we offer integrative care such as therapeutic exercise and laser therapy in addition to traditional medications.

We continually strive to improve and build our level of expertise by keeping up with the latest integrative research and techniques, and are proud that our comprehensive, sensible solutions have proven successful in getting pets to the best possible state of wellness.